Teacher Preparation Program

Program of Study

Advisor: Jillian DiBonaventura

Licensed teachers in STEM fields are in continual high demand across the United States. Participation and successful completion of our teacher preparation program will result in obtaining an Initial teaching licensure in the state of Massachusetts. WPI students may elect to pursue licensure in middle or high school mathematics, middle school general science, high school science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), or technology/engineering while obtaining an undergraduate degree in the STEM-related major of their choice. 

Specific content courses are required to meet Massachusetts requirements for Subject Matter Knowledge competency, but these are generally met by courses in a student's major. Joining this certificate program enables participants to pursue the content are of their choice while impacting the lives of middle and high school students in urban schools and the local community.  Students wishing to discuss this option further are encouraged to contact Jillian DiBonaventura, Director of Teacher Preparation at the STEM Education Center.  

Applications are accepted via eProjects twice yearly (B and C term), and more information can be found on our website or by contacting www.wpi.edu/+teach 


Teacher Prep students must successfully complete the following requirements for initial licensure in the state of Massachusetts:

  • Completion of an online portfolio that addresses the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
  • Successful completion of a full-time teaching practicum in a local middle or high school (often completed as an IQP C/D term of junior year)
  • Pass the state MTEL teaching tests in the following areas: 
    • Communication and Literacy skills (Reading & Writing subtests)
    • Relevant Subject Matter test for the license sought
  • Complete all program requirements (Pre-practicum fieldwork and workshops, Culturally Responsive Teaching trainings, Senior seminar and coursework)
Minimum Units