WPI’s Commitment to Pluralism

Pluralism, as a social condition, means that several distinct ethnic, religious, and racial communities live side by side, have equitable access to resources, are willing to affirm each other’s dignity, are ready to benefit from each other’s experiences, and are quick to acknowledge each other’s contributions to the common welfare. Recognizing the importance of pluralism to creativity, innovation, and excellence, WPI is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages diversity in all aspects of campus life–from academics, to residence hall living, to social interactions among students, faculty, and staff. The Institute recognizes the special obligation of promoting a multicultural community based on mutual respect and tolerance. This commitment is part of WPI’s institutional plan for encouraging pluralism and increasing diversity, a plan that proclaims the importance of having students understand and appreciate other cultures, and prepares them fully to pursue rewarding careers in an increasingly global economy. (Concepts endorsed by the WPI Faculty on April 21, 1994)