Wellness and Physical Education Requirement

Wellness and Physical Education Requirement

To provide an understanding and experience in Wellness and Physical Education to gain awareness for lifelong well-being to thrive personally and professionally, every student must complete a Wellness & Physical Education requirement.

Qualification in wellness and physical education shall be established by completing 1/3 unit of course work. Students may take classes multiple times for credit. We do not offer independent study options in Wellness and Physical Education. In addition to PE 1000-series course offerings, students may satisfy their PE requirement by the following:

  1. WPI approved varsity athletic team participation (PE 2000-series). Student must be registered with instructor permission in advance of participation. No retroactive credit will be awarded if failure to register.
  2. Club Sports (PE 1200-series). Students must be members of a PE approved club prior to becoming eligible for physical education credit and by meeting established department policies for credit. Students must be registered in advance of participation; no retroactive credit will be awarded if failure to register in advance. Additional fees for some clubs may apply.
  3. Approved courses not offered at WPI; advance approval by the Physical Education Department is necessary so students are encouraged to contact the department directly in advance to review. No retroactive credit will be awarded if failure to receive advance approval. 
  4. Participation in certain ROTC programs may entitle students to a receive PE credit. Students in ROTC programs should review in advance with their respective commanders.

(PE 1000 series)

This series is offered to provide a variety of courses in the more traditional sport-based area of physical education. These courses can serve the beginner to the more experienced in each activity area. PE 1000 series courses meet twice a week (generally between 8am-5pm) at predetermined times with attendance and participation major factors in a student’s final grade.

(PE 1099)

These PE courses are offered to provide a variety of wellness, dance and healthy alternatives to traditional PE sport-based classes. These classes are subject to change on a yearly basis in order to provide flexibility in the PE offerings based upon the latest trends in wellness and dance. The focus of these classes is more on individual fitness, wellness and education, with instruction provided to all students in the classes. 


Club Sports are activities in various sports and wellness that are organized and recognized by Student Government Association as Class II organizations and open to any undergraduate student. Students who are properly registered in advance for the club activity in their interest area (more information regarding Club Sports can be found at wpi.edu/+techsync) and meet the established criteria for participation by the club as well as by PERA department policy, may be eligible for PE course credit. Practice and/or competition times vary but are generally in the evenings and weekends. Participating students may incur additional fees for equipment, travel, and/or uniforms.