Transfer Students

Transfer Agreements & Transfer Credit 

WPI currently holds formal articulation agreements with specified programs of studies at Quinsigamond Community College. However, WPI will grant appropriate transfer credit from any accredited two-year or four-year institution. 

WPI is able to offer a transfer credit evaluation once a transfer student is admitted. For incoming first year students, the transfer credit evaluation process is available after the enrollment deadline of May 1st, typically beginning in mid-May. Admitted transfer students and newly enrolled first year students should follow the WPI transfer credit guidelines, policy and procedure available at, which included a list of transfer equivalencies to date. The Transfer Admissions team coordinates the process with WPI faculty who evaluate the coursework to determine credit eligibility. Each academic department at WPI reviews courses under their program, and provides a decision to the Transfer Admissions team. Admissions communicates any credit updates to the WPI Registrar’s Office as well as WPI Academic Advising. In general, courses that are the academic equivalent of a WPI course with a grade of a B or better will be considered for transfer credit. College-level and lab-based chemistry and biology, calculus, calculus-based physics with lab, engineering science, and most social science and humanities and arts courses are typically considered for transfer credit. To be eligible for credit review, the courses must be completed on a college campus taught by college instructors. Early college, early entrance programs, or college coursework provided in partnership with a college or university but offered at the high school taught by high school teachers are not eligible for credit at WPI, with the exception of Project Lead The Way (PLTW). Online coursework is also typically not eligible. Additional courses that are not transferable include pre-calculus, non-calculus based physics or engineering science, and computer courses in BASIC.

Humanities & Arts Requirement for Transfer Students

As part of the WPI Plan, all WPI students must complete the Humanities and Arts Requirement. As such, all transfer students should review their humanities and arts coursework accepted for transfer credit at WPI and plan with the Humanities and Arts Department’s coordinator for transfer students to determine next steps towards the completion of the HUA Requirement. All transfer students entering WPI with fewer than two units of humanities and arts credit must complete thematically related work in humanities and arts. This will include an inquiry seminar or practicum to the extent that the overall humanities and arts credit totals two units. The HUA Requirement is considered fulfilled for transfer students who have completed the equivalent of two units of humanities and arts work prior to their matriculation at WPI. A Completion of Degree Requirement form (or CDR) must be submitted once the HUA Requirement has been satisfied. This form can obtained at the WPI Registrar’s Office, and will be completed by the Humanities and Arts Department coordinator for transfer students. For those transfer students who have satisfied the HUA Requirement based on work completed at their previous institution(s) and who submit the approved CDR form to the WPI Registrar’s Office will have this information posted to their student account. This process normally takes place prior to or during the first term of full-time enrollment at WPI.