Student Development and Counseling Center

The SDCC’s team of experienced professionals is here to support your mental health, emotional well-being, and interpersonal growth. We offer a variety of clinical services––including short-term individual counselinggroup sessions, and crisis interventions––and will partner with you to identify the tools, resources, and strategies that can help you meet your academic, social, and personal goals. This might take one session, or it might require a little more support. Either way, you are not alone, and we are here to support you on your WPI journey.

Some of the ways the SDCC supports students are:

Short-term Individual Counseling:  While the length of counseling may differ, all first sessions at the SDCC begin with an Intake Appointment. The intake appointment at the SDCC is typically 25-minutes where you and the therapist will discuss your presenting concern(s), clarify and work on goals for treatment, and then they will work to make a recommendation about next steps. These next steps may include following up as needed, joining a group, helping a student connect with specialists in the area, or other options as appropriate. The SDCC clinician will talk through the Scope of Services with students and recommend next steps. 

Confidentiality: The SDCC is dedicated to creating an inclusive, respectful, and comfortable environment where students can share openly and work with counselors to set goals, identify obstacles, and move in a positive direction. Confidentiality is taken very seriously, and only under certain, very specific conditions—outlined in the confidentiality policy (PDF)—will counselors share information outside of the SDCC.

Group Sessions and Workshops: The SDCC offers a variety of groups and workshops focused on student need. These groups may change from term to term. Participating in a therapeutic group can be a helpful resource for students to use both as a stand-alone tool for support, or as an adjunct to individual therapy. Not only will you have the ear of a trained therapist and counselor, but you’ll have an opportunity to connect with peers and form new relationships, provide and receive support to/from others, and discover that you are not alone.

Crisis Support: The SDCC can connect students to crisis support options if needed. If you are on-campus or living close to WPI: During normal working hours call the SDCC (508-831-5540). Our services are available whether you live on- or off-campus. If you are off-campus or away from WPI: Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

After-hours Crisis Support line: Calling ProtoCall (508-831-5540is a great first step, as the crisis counselor you connect with can help you determine if you need a higher level of intervention or not. Call Campus Police or 911 if you are concerned about yourself or the immediate safety of someone else. 

We know reaching out for help is not easy. We have added an online scheduling tool to make it easy for students to schedule appointments, and our after-hours telehealth line (508-831-5540) connects students to trained mental health professionals after normal business hours and on weekends/holidays.

Additionally, the SDCC hosts trainings, workshops, and presentations that are designed to foster personal growth and skills for success.

Students interested in learning more about the SDCC and its services are encouraged to email us at, call us at 508-831-5540, or visit us during our operating hours. The main office is located at #16 Einhorn Road. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Our summer hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30 pm.