Pre-Law Programs

Program of Study

Advisor: K. Rissmiller

Law schools do not require that undergraduates complete any particular course of study. Thus, students who complete degrees in engineering and science (or other WPI programs of study) may wish to consider careers in law. Undergraduates interested in attending law school are encouraged to choose from among the many courses offered which explore legal topics. For those with greater interest, WPI offers a Minor in Law and Technology described on page 121. Courses with substantial legal content are listed among those courses fulfilling the requirements of the minor.

Enrolling in these courses will introduce students to the fundamentals of legal process and legal analysis. Students will study statutes, regulations and case law. These courses will, therefore, offer the student valuable exposure to the kind of material commonly studied in law schools and they may help demonstrate a student’s interest to law school admission committees. 

Many questions about law school can be answered online.  The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) offers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) which is generally required for law school applications. Infomation about the test and other aspects of law school can be found on the LSAC website.  Students interested in discussing career options and how they might prepare for law school are invited to  contact Associate Dean Rissmiller in the Global School.