Part-Time Degree Students

Students may apply for Part-Time Student status on a semester basis at the Registrar’s Office. Part-time students pay tuition on the basis of registered credit at the start of each semester, including credits for ROTC and PE. Campus housing will not be allowed. Part-time students may not engage in varsity/club sports, may not participate in any extracurricular activities, and are only eligible to apply for limited federal and state financial aid (institutional financial aid is not available) including any form of on-campus student employment. The following registration procedures apply: 

  • Students who wish to enroll as part-time students must apply by July 20 for the Fall semester and by November 15 for the Spring semester. Such status will allow a maximum of one unit per each semester of the academic year. 
  • Changing between full-time/part-time status is not allowed at mid-semester. 
  • Part-time students wishing to return as full-time students must be readmitted according to the procedures specified under Readmission in the Admissions section of this catalog