Official Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

There are many reasons why a student may need or wish to take time away from WPI. There may be personal or medical issues interfering with their academics; opportunities for professional experience; family or community commitments; or the desire to just take a break.

  • Institutional Leave of Absence (LOA): Request this if you are planning to return to WPI. Leaves may be granted for the remainder of the current semester (if applicable) and the immediately following semester (not counting summer). Leaves may be renewed for one additional semester, and an extension must be requested before the expiration date of the current leave. If a student does not return by the expiration date, they will be automatically withdrawn. For students with federal funding in their financial aid awards you will be reported to federal agencies as a federally withdrawn student. This may have impacts on deferment and loan repayment start times. Please contact the Office of Student Aid & Financial Literacy for further details.
  • Official Withdrawal: Request this if you are leaving permanently and not planning to return to WPI.

Any reduction in charges is based on the student’s certified last date of attendance. 

Students who have attended through the 12th week of a semester (or the 5th week of B or D terms) may not withdraw or take an LOA for that semester and will be academically reviewed. They may withdraw or take an LOA for the following semester.

See Return from Leave of Absence section for information about returning to WPI after a leave. Students who officially withdraw are expected to apply through Undergraduate Admission if they decide they would like to return at a later date to pursue undergraduate study.

See full list below for more information and other types of withdrawals or leaves.

Restrictions to WPI access:

  • You will be dropped from any classes and/or projects you have scheduled for future terms.
  • You will not be able to live in university housing, and if applicable, will not be able to select or keep your future academic year assignment.
  • You may not be able to retain your spot for an IQP/MQP Project Center.
  • If you have financial aid, your financial aid will be readjusted.
  • You will not be able to participate in campus activities, including clubs, sports, etc.
  • Students on Institutional Leave of Absence will retain use of their WPI email. All other access will be removed.
  • Students on Official Withdrawal will NOT retain use of their WPI email. All other access will also be removed.


  1. Students should inform themselves about the consequences to the following if applicable
    1. Financial Aid
    2. Visa Status
    3. Housing
    4. Billing, including potential tuition adjustments
    5.  Health insurance: If insured by student health insurance please check for coverage options.
    6. Undergraduate students schedule an appointment with Academic Advising
    7. And any other considerations.
  2. Complete the appropriate form available at 
    1. Undergraduate Institutional Leave of Absence Form
    2. Undergraduate Official Withdrawal Form
  3. If seeking a medical leave of absence, please make an appointment with the appropriate office below
    1. If seeking a medical leave of absence for psychological reasons, schedule an appointment with the Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC).
    2. If seeking a medical leave of absence for all other medical reasons, schedule an appointment with WPI’s Office of Health Services. 
  4. Submit completed form to Registrar’s Office