Military Science

Program of Study

LTC Joseph T. Mazzocchi 

PROFESSOR: LTC Joseph Mazzocchi 


INSTRUCTORS: MSG James Conley, MSG Charles Dougherty, SFC Donald Vota

Mission Statement:

The Military Science and Leadership Program (Army ROTC) is a premiere leadership program offered by WPI. Open to all students within the Worcester Consortium, the program teaches valuable leadership skills and managerial traits that prepare students for careers in both the private and public sectors. Students partake in hands-on experiences that integrate traditional coursework with innovative training. Students develop strong decision-making and organizational management skills, while cultivating team-building and interpersonal skills, as well as mastering time and stress management techniques.

Objectives and Outcomes:

WPI’s Army ROTC prepares multi-faceted future leaders.  Students who participate in Army ROTC while pursuing their undergraduate and graduate studies are extremely marketable and highly sought after for their problem-solving and adaptable capabilities. As technology continues to transform organizations and corporations, ROTC students are at the forefront of these cutting-edge developments.

Program Descriptions:

The Military Science and Leadership program is intended to be a four-year program which encourages personal growth and cultivates overall character development.

A. The Basic Course:

The Basic Course serves as the foundation of the Army ROTC program and is taken over the first two years.  The focal points of the Basic Course are leadership, teambuilding and communication skills.  Students participate in adventure training (such as orienteering, rappelling and paintball) to put classroom teachings and core concept-strategies to practice. 

Students may participate in the first two years of the program commitment free. Students awarded full-tuition scholarships or who participate in the Advanced Course (described below) incur a service obligation and may serve in the Army either full-time or part-time.

B. Advanced Course:

The Advanced Course is a more intensive leadership program that is taken during the Junior and Senior years, or, during two years of graduate studies.  The curriculum continues its focus on problem-solving and team building exercises while incorporating military tactics and Ethics.

Student interested in earning a commission as an Army Officer are required to enroll in the Advanced Camp (AC) at Ft Knox, Kentucky.  AC is a six-week leadership and tactical course that students are paid to attend during the summer; it is the culmination of the students’ training over their tenure on campus.  If students decide later in their academic career that they would like to pursue Army ROTC, there are alternate entry options that allow them to receive Basic Course credit and to prepare them for Advanced Camp (1). 

Students attending on an Army ROTC Scholarship receive a yearly book-allowance of $1,200 in addition to a monthly stipend.  Both “scholarship” and “contracted, non-scholarship” students receive a monthly stipend of $420.00.  Students interested in pursuing scholarships or enrolling in the Advanced Course must meet specific eligibility requirements.