Residence Halls

WPI provides its undergraduate students with a variety of housing options. The WPI residence halls offer first year students housing in double and triple occupancy rooms as well as suites designed for four to eight people.  A limited number of singles for students with documented need through the Office of Accessibility Services are available.  (Residence hall living at WPI offers opportunities that can be a valuable part of higher education.) First-year students admitted for Term A, who meet all application deadlines, are guaranteed housing in the residence halls for that entire academic year.  The Housing & Residential Experience Center works to maximize the opportunities available for upper-level housing. Some options include townhouses, apartments, and residential houses. Off campus housing alternatives include rooms in homes, apartments and commuting from home. Additionally, for fraternity and sorority members there is Greek chapter housing available. Upper-level students are not guaranteed on-campus housing. The Housing and Dining Contract is a legally binding contract which extends from the beginning of Term A through Term D as long as the student is enrolled at WPI.

Residence Hall Staff

Resident Advisors (RAs) and Graduate Housing Assistants (GHAs) are the core of the residential life staff in the residence halls. RAs serve as a source of assistance in resolving students’ academic, personal, and social concerns. They plan and implement social and educational programs in the halls and enforce all WPI policies and regulations in an effort to develop an effective residential community in the residence halls. The administrative responsibility for the operation of the residence halls rests with the professional staff in the Housing & Residential Experience Center, specifically the Community Directors (CDs) who supervise and work with the RAs and GHAs. They counsel and advise students, work with maintenance and dining hall staffs, and handle many administrative processes for students living on campus. 


Opening and closing dates of the residence halls are posted on the Housing & Residential Experience Center website as they are determined.  Students will also receive email communication with move in information ahead of each process.  Housing and food service privileges are not transferable, nor may any person take up de facto residence without paying rent. The traditional residence halls will be closed during the Winter Break period. 

Furnishings and Facilities

Students are responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of their rooms. Residence halls are furnished with a twin-size bed, a desk and chair, closet space, and drawer space for each student. All residence halls are smoke-free environments. Data network services and a movie streaming service are included in room rates. Residents provide their own pillows, linens, blankets, and other personal furnishings.

Mobile pay laundry facilities are available on the campus.

The following are some things not permitted in the residence halls:

  • Sale, use or possession of illegal drugs
  • Pets, except small fish
  • Refrigerators larger than 4.3 cubic feet in size, 3D printers
  • Gambling
  • Use of alcoholic beverages in violation of Massachusetts State Laws
  • Firearms, weapons, explosives, incendiary or toxic chemicals, starting pistols, paint ball guns, knives
  • Cooking, except in kitchen areas provided
  • Candles or other flame-emitting devices
  • Smoking of any kind 

For a complete copy of the housing and dining contract, please visit the WPI website.

Mail & Packages

Mail and express packages should be addressed to the student by name, and box number, WPI, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609-2280. Please visit the Mail Services website https://www.wpi.edu/offices/mail-services for more detailed information. 


One of the most memorable aspects of campus life can be the relationship you will build with your roommate(s). Roommates often find that a meaningful relationship is developed through good communication. We encourage you to be as open as possible so that you and your roommate can begin early to create a relationship based on respect and understanding. This relationship can help make residence hall living one of the most enjoyable part of your college career.

Room Charges

Room Rates can be found by CLICKING HERE (Note: Room rates are shown for the entire academic year or per semester)

First Year Residence Halls & Houses:

Daniels, Founders, Institute, Messenger, Morgan, Riley, Stoddard, Trowbridge House, Wachusett House, and WPI Townhouses.

Upper-level Apartments & Houses:

East, Elbridge House, Ellsworth, Faraday, Fuller, Hackfeld House, Schussler House, South Village (Cedar A House, Cedar B House, Fruit House, Marston A House, Marston B House, Oak House, Sever House, West House, and William House) and WPI Townhouses.

Payment for housing and food service fees are made in two installments, one each at the beginning of Terms A and C. Reduced charges, if applicable, will be processed according to the established withdrawal policy of the college. Students entering the residence halls other than at the beginning of Term A or C will be issued a prorated billing for the period. This bill must be paid in full prior to occupancy.

Students are expected to care for the physical facilities of the residence halls. Damage to the facilities beyond the normal wear and tear shall be the financial responsibility of the residents. Damage to common areas of the residence halls will be divided among residents of that wing, floor, or building.

First year students can expect to receive a link to the Housing Portal in May, after their $500 tuition deposit is received by the Office of Admissions. First Year students should be prepared to select their housing through the online housing selection portal in early to mid-July.


All first-year students and upper-level students residing in South Village are required to participate in a residential meal plan. All other students are welcome to purchase a meal plan as well. The MEAL PLANS are a combination of traditional meal swipes plus additional funds to be utilized at the student’s discretion.

Once a student has contracted for food service, this is a legally-binding agreement, and students are obligated to assume financial responsibility for the entire academic year. 

Board Plan Rates can be found by CLICKING HERE  (Note: Board plan rates are shown for the entire academic year or per semester)

(Note: Students are required to be on a meal plan for the entire academic year)

Descriptions of the board plans are available at:

Off-Campus Living

After the first year, on-campus housing is not guaranteed.  If you decide to look for an off-campus apartment, make plans well in advance. Information is available on the WPI website for you to research questions about housing codes, leases, tenants’ rights, etc. The following are a few hints for you as you begin your search for off-campus housing.

Leases: Contract periods for off-campus housing vary in length, from twelve-month and nine-month to summer only and three-month leases. As you consider various places, find out what types of leases are available.

Be Prepared: You’ll want to plan realistically for expenses such as utilities, transportation, repairs, laundry, and food. Also, try to pick your roommates carefully and ahead of time.

Lodging Laws

You should also be aware that the City of Worcester has a zoning code that prohibits more than three unrelated persons living together unless the landlord or owner has obtained a lodging house license.