Early Completion

Students completing 100% of WPI graduation requirements by the end of A-term or C-term will be eligible for a 50% tuition adjustment for the semester of completion. Eligible students must complete the form available in the Registrar’s Office and submit by the end of B-term (for C-term completion) or D-term (for A-term completion). Students/responsible parties will be billed for the full semester and then tuition charges will be reduced by 50% once the graduation requirements have been signed off and the student’s withdrawal has been officially processed. Qualified students receiving financial aid from WPI will retain 50% of any WPI scholarship, and their loan eligibility will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students living in WPI housing will still be financially responsible for paying the full semester’s worth of room and board. 

Students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of 4/3 units (12 credits), excluding PE, in either A or C term. Students registered beyond 4/3 units will be charged the overload fee.