Double Major

Distribution Requirements 

The distribution requirements of each major must be met, but requirements common to both majors may have to be met only once. A minimum of three units of qualifying project work is thus required for fulfillment of the project portion of the double major requirements: one unit in each of the two major areas of study, and one unit of an IQP. 

For students wishing to pursue double majors not involving social science, the program audit for each intended major must be completed and certified by the review committee of each department involved. Academic activities appropriate to both majors may be counted in both majors..

If a student wishes to complete two Interdisciplinary (individually designed) Majors Programs, the double major must be proposed in a single Educational Program Proposal, which must be approved by the student’s Program Advisory Committee for each major. The Committees shall ensure that the majors are substantially non-overlapping.

If a student’s double major includes an Interdisciplinary (individually designed) Major Program, the double majors must be described in the Educational Program Proposal for the Interdisciplinary Major.