Courses Qualifying for Engineering Distribution Areas


All Courses designated “MA.”
Advanced placement established by AP exam or through passing WPI advanced courses (see page 243) also qualify.

Basic Science

All courses designated “PH,” “CH,” “BB,” and GE 2341.

Engineering Science/Design

The following courses may be applied to the “Engineering Science and Design” distribution requirement for each respective engineering major:

AE: All courses designated “AE”

BME: All courses designated “BME” (except BME 1001, BME 1004, BME 3110, BME 3112, BME 532, BME 560, BME 562, BME 564, and BME 593; BME 595 requires departmental approval) and CE, CHE, ECE, RBE, and ME courses at the 2000-level or above (except RBE 3100).

CE: All courses designated “CE”. Also ES 2503 and ES 3004.

CHE: All courses designated “CHE.” Also ES 3002, ES 3003, ES 3004, and other courses approved by the Chemical Engineering Department. See the department web site, and consult with your academic advisor for details.

ECE: All courses designated “ECE” and ES 3011 may be included in the six-unit ECE area distribution requirement.

IE: OIE courses including OIE 2081, OIE 2600, OIE 2850, OIE 3020, OIE 3405, OIE 3410, OIE 3420, OIE 3460, OIE 3510, OIE 4410, OIE 4430, OIE 4460, MIS 3720, MIS 4084, MIS 4720 and MIS 4741.

ME: All courses designated “ME”.

RBE: All courses designated (except RBE 3100).

In addition, engineering majors selecting “Engineering Science/Design” courses from outside their major may choose appropriate activities from any of the following:

All courses designated ES, ECE, CHE, ME.

All OIE courses listed above (for ME majors only).

All courses designated as RBE except RBE 3100.

All courses designated as CE except CE 3022.

All courses designated as CS except CS 1101, CS 1102, and CS 3043. (Only RBE majors may select CS 1101 or CS 1102 to satisfy the Engineering Science and Design Distribution Requirement.)

(Electrical and Computer Engineering majors are restricted to these courses at the 2000-level or higher.)

All ABET engineering programs require six units of Engineering Science and Design.

All graduate-level courses may be counted in the appropriate categories.