BB 3003: Medical Microbiology: Plagues of the Modern World, a Case Study Approach

Category I (offered at least 1x per Year)
Units 1/3

Using a case study approach, this course will focus on molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of a wide range of infectious diseases and host-pathogen interactions including a survey of human immunobiology. Students will gain an understanding of microbes that are of medical relevance including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoans, enabling them to make informed decisions about appropriate medical interventions. Students will be able to evaluate how their day-to-day choices impact public health as well as alter microbial communities. This interactive course is designed for all biology and biochemistry majors as well as other students with the recommended background who have an interest in the pathogenesis of disease. Students may not receive credit for both BB 2002 Microbiology: Plagues of the Modern World and BB 3003.