BB 1045: Biodiversity

Category I (offered at least 1x per Year)
Units 1/3

Through lectures, readings, and discussions this course will examine the breadth, patterns, mechanisms, and conservation of biodiversity. Case studies and peer-to-peer learning will be used to examine threats to regional and global biodiversity and assess management and engineering strategies for solutions to the biodiversity crisis. Students will investigate and interpret past and contemporary research to quantify, document, and track trends in biodiversity. This course will use problem sets and assignments to explore the natural, social, and economic tradeoffs associated with threats to and conservation of biodiversity. Students will develop an area of expertise and synthesize their comprehension of topics through project work (e.g., management plan, report, presentation, citizen science). Finally, this course will provide a synthesis of the interdisciplinary nature of biodiversity conservation and how principles of conservation biology, landscape ecology, metapopulation biology, and biogeography can be applied to strategies aimed towards sustaining Earth’s biota. This course is intended for BBT and other life science majors.