BB 1003/BCB 1003: Exploring Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Category I (offered at least 1x per Year)
Units 1/3

Life scientists are generating huge amounts of data on many different scales, from DNA and protein sequence, to information on biological systems such as protein interaction networks, brain circuitry, and ecosystems. Analyzing these kinds of data requires quantitative knowledge and approaches using computer science and mathematics. In this project-based course, students will use case studies to learn about both important biological problems and the computational tools and algorithms used to study them. Students will study a sampling of topics in the field; recent topics included complex disease genetics, HIV evolution, antibiotic resistance, and animal migration behavior. In addition, students will hear from several guest speakers about their interdisciplinary research. Computational tools explored will include both freely-available tools to analyze sequences and build phylogenetic trees (e.g. BLAST, MUSCLE, MEGA) as well as guided programming using languages such as Python, R, and Netlogo. Students may not receive credit for both BCB / BB 100X and BCB / BB 1003. BBT majors may count this course as fulfilling part of their quantitative science and engineering requirement, but not as part of their BB 1000 level course requirement.